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Hi! I'm Adam James. I write software and mess around with web tech.
Officially, this is my personal site, but I blog a little more often.
Here's my CV, fresh for 2015 and crafted with in LaTeX.
Interested? You should get in touch.


I am Adam James, also known to my friends and various online communities as mrwizrd. I have cryptographically verified my ownership of several identies over on Keybase.IO. If you want to send me encrypted e-mail, do it using the key listed there. The fingerprint should be C8C8 4F5D 4FD5 0388 BECB 73C5 1464 2518 529A B9BF.


I first discovered computers when I was about eight years old, and have spent most of my time since then making them do things. These days, I'm a Software Developer, currently working for Oracle. Outside of work, I usually code for practice, utility or to "scratch an itch". You can find some small samples of code I've written on GitHub. I recently started using CodeEval.


At the moment, I live in Hull with my fiancĂ©e wife Catherine and two adorable cats named Pudding and Zen. Soon™, I'll be moving to Leeds or somewhere close by.

Pudding and Zen, asleep
The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination. Few media of creation are so flexible, so easy to polish and rework, so readily capable of realizing grand conceptual structures.
(This very tractability has its own problems.)